Closed Alpha V1.3 will be released to all current testers on November 15th, it will be a big update, so be on the lookout.
Listen up! The entire community will have the opportunity to express how long they want ROTS to last as an entire game. You can input your vote by voting here.
Welcome all new guests! We hope you take a look around at what this community and game is about and hopefully register and stick around!
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ROTS Closed Alpha Launch

on Tue Oct 31, 2017 8:52 pm
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The Realm of the Shadows closed alpha will be launching tomorrow at 7 PM EST, 4 PM MST. The following individuals will be granted access to the game:

(3 undisclosed users)

Please remember all testers that having fun is of course a good thing, but the primary focus is to eliminate as many bugs as possible and polish the game as much as possible. Anybody who did not recieve a copy will be granted access to the game upon the release of the Open Alpha, which will be launched likely near Late November/Early December. Until then, happy Halloween, and I look forward to seeing new bug reports and suggestions on the forums at the given times.

- Executive Director Azzerxzz
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Re: ROTS Closed Alpha Launch

on Wed Nov 01, 2017 2:35 pm
Whee, that was one hell of a project, but it sure was worth it, have fun everybody, I certainly will. Just an hour and a half and it's out.
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